Exxilco has designed and continuously strives to develop policies that reduce the company’s negative footprint on the environment.

Exxilco minimizes use of paper by encouraging correspondence through email and the use of computer based documentation software.

All paper, cartons and polybags are re-used to minimize waste. Such materials are recycled at the end of their usable lives.

Unused steam from boilers is transferred back to the main water holding tanks to lessen water wastage and to raise temperature of the main water body to reduce boiler’s energy consumption.

All chemicals used in the production process are eco-friendly and are safely channeled into lined drains.

Exxilco is currently planning to shift its entire production facility on to solar power to save cost and to become self-sufficient in its energy requirements.

Company cars are fitted with clean burning CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) kits to reduce emissions and to reduce cost of operation.