Exxilco takes very special care of its employees and is committed to provide the best working conditions for all affiliated with the organization.

The company has allocated special living quarters for labor that travels from smaller cities to work at our factory.

All Labor, staff and their immediate families receive assistance to meet basic medical expenses from Exxilco.

The production facility has multiple exits in all halls and sections. It is equipped with adequate number of fire extinguishers, smoke and heat detectors along with a centralized alarm system to avoid any fire related incidents.

Garment production/manufacturing at our facility does not include the use of any chemical or hazardous material that may injurious to human health.

All employees are over the age of 18 and work under the regulations imposed by the Punjab Labor Department.

Given the substandard quality of water table present in the factory area, our company buys and provides bottled water to its employees throughout the year.